EV Charger
Installation in DFW

In 2022, there were more than 10.2 million EVs on the roads globally, accounting for 14% of worldwide passenger vehicle sales. By the end of 2023, industry experts predict that the number will climb to nearly 17 million units.

The DFW region led the charge in Texas with 36.12% of registrations, and every one of those owners needs to charge a vehicle regularly.

As the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road grows, charging stations are more than a “nice-to-do” or a nod to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets. EV charger installation is critical for every business’s future.

Future-Proof with EV Charger Installation

Consumers have the internet tools to find out where they can and cannot go considering the range of their EVs and the location of charging stations along the route. Why would they travel to your business if they can’t charge when they get there? Why would they rent from you if they can’t fuel at your apartment complex?

EV charging stations are critical for future-proofing your business. When you start installing charging stations now, you are serving today’s customers and preparing for Gen Z. This up-and-coming generation is the most socially conscious in history. Gen Z is the most likely to purchase an EV, with Millennials a close second.

Why Do You Need EV Charger Installation?

Commercial Locations

Retailers are always looking for ways to generate customer loyalty, and an EV charging station does just that. It’s much easier to encourage a repeat customer than to find a new one. If your customer’s needs are satisfied at your location, why would they go elsewhere?


In a competitive new home market, builders need ways to differentiate from others to attract buyers. You look into the future with your customers when you offer EV charging in each home or centrally within a community.

Upscale apartments often attract Millennials and Gen Zers who haven’t yet purchased a home. They’re also the most likely to buy an EV, so charging stations are essential to attracting these demographics.

Last but not least, if you have purchased an EV, you need charging at home. Most EV drivers charge overnight, and often rates are lower during hours with less demand.


Fleets benefit from adding EVs for environmental, cost savings, and ESG reasons. In this case, sufficient charging stations are essential to prepare vehicles for the next day’s work. EV school buses, vans, delivery vehicles, and municipal passenger fleets continue to grow, and each vehicle needs to be charged regularly.

Car Dealerships

When a car dealership installs EV charging stations, it appears on the radar of current and future EV owners. The trend in vehicle purchases is clearly in the EV direction, so adding EV charging stations is a smart move for your future.


In a competitive employment atmosphere, part of attracting the best and brightest employees is offering the amenities they expect. As the workforce gravitates to EVs in more significant numbers, EV charging at work is an attractive perk that could tip the balance in your favor.

Denali – the Premier
EV Charger Installer in DFW

When looking for an EV charger installer in Dallas, Fort Worth, or Denton, look no further than Denali Environmental. We are a woman-owned business with large-scale customers like DFW Airport, TxDot, and Lockheed Martin. Our respected partners, Siemens and Nexii, provide the state-of-the-art technology we install. Denali Environmental is your EV charger installer, no matter how complex or simple the project is.