Installing EV Charging Station Installation in Dallas

Current forecasts are that twenty years from now, Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) will make up 92% of light vehicle registrations. Twenty years seems like a long time but think back to 2000. Two decades have flown by. Between now and 2042, electric vehicle sales will continue their meteoric climb, forever changing the vehicle sales market.

Developed countries and populous U.S. states are forging laws requiring a speedy conversion to electric vehicles (in vehicle design and manufacturing terms). Auto manufacturers are taking note of the trends and requiring that dealerships install EV chargers or sell out. They believe strongly in the direction the industry is going.

Read on. We’ll explore the value of installing EV charging for auto dealerships and why this is a critical time to begin the process. We’ll also introduce you to new technology that simplifies installation in a significant way, saving costs, reducing installation time, and minimizing infrastructure disruption.

Why Dallas Car Dealerships Need EV Charging Solutions

Even if certain car brands do not currently include electric vehicles, offering EV charging branded for your dealership attracts potential buyers for the vehicles you carry. When you install your EV charging stations, listing your business on the U.S. Alternative Fuels Data Center puts your dealership on the EV charging map for all to access.

In addition, several car brands are beginning production of electric vehicles that will be on the market soon. For instance, GM plans to release 30 new EVs by 2025, 20 by 2023. Ranges are increasing, with fully charged vehicles traveling 450 miles on a single charge, shoring up a primary consumer insecurity with electric cars.

Consumers today are highly conscious of the level of Environmental, Social, and Governmental (ESG) commitments of businesses, making decisions based on these factors. Installing EV charging in auto dealerships sets the business apart as environmentally conscious and foreshadows future EVs.

Dealership EV Charging Stations: Benefits & Challenges

As with anything, EV charging station installation comes with benefits and challenges. Here we review a few of each.

Benefits and Incentives for Auto Dealerships

Federal Incentives

The federal government offers a tax incentive of up to 30% of the equipment and installation cost, up to $100,000 per EV charger. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law targets 100 million EV charging stations in 35 states, spanning 53,000 miles of national highway. The federal government is investing $7.5 billion in this plan.

State Incentives

Some states also offer incentives. The Alternative Fuels Data Center provides a search engine for states’ current incentives. You might be eligible for tax incentives, grants, loans, or rebates from your state.

Environmental Impact of EVs

Statistics show that the positive environmental effects of switching to EVs are real. Greenhouse gas emissions over the life of an electric vehicle are less than those of internal combustion vehicles, even factoring in the environmental impact of the battery manufacturing process. The more environmentally-friendly-generated the electricity that powers the car, the lower the environmental impact of the vehicle over time.

An Extra Revenue Stream or Incentive?

EV charging station dealerships get to choose how to offer service. You can offer it free as a perk for customers who’ve purchased a vehicle from you, or you can see it as a way to have potential customers spend more time at your dealership.

If you decide to charge, you have options. Dealership EV chargers can handle payment in different ways. You can choose a subscription-based structure with a monthly or yearly cost or charge per session or kilowatt-hour of electricity consumed.

Challenges for Auto Dealerships

The benefits sound great. But what about the challenges dealerships face when installing EV charging? Here are a few.

Inadequate Electrical Infrastructure

Depending on the number of charging stations you plan to install, the local infrastructure may need to be upgraded. Preparing the infrastructure for higher-capacity demands may require coordination with the local power utility.

Upgrading the Power Supply

The installer can make some upgrades, but electrical supply enhancements such as higher-capacity supply wires and transformers need to come from the power company. Your installer should have experience interacting with the electric utility to collaborate on innovative solutions, including off-grid charging and on-site energy storage, solar solutions, and hybrid approaches that supplement grid power. 

Overcoming Cost and Logistical Challenges of Installation and Equipment Maintenance

In the end, the experience and capabilities of your installer will give you the greatest potential of installing an EV charging station at a reasonable cost, overcoming any challenges, and ensuring adequate and timely equipment maintenance.

Denali Environmental’s Charging Solution for Auto Dealers

Denali has decades of experience in electrical and environmental solutions for residences and businesses. Considering what equipment to install as an EV charger installer, we discovered a partnership between Nexii and Siemens to build VersiCharge XL charging stations for car dealerships.

The VersiCharge XL

These groundbreaking charging stations have the flexibility, scalability, and capacity to grow with you and the EV charging industry. They charge multiple electric vehicles quickly and efficiently with the high power output your customers expect.

Nexii Building Solutions
and Siemens

The VersiCharge XL structure uses Nexii’s proprietary, sustainable building material Nexiite. Nexiite delivers strength, versatility, and a low carbon footprint. The charging technology is from Siemens; their reliable Sentron Busway systems power multiple EV chargers reliably.

One of the beauties of this EV charging system is that it minimizes infrastructure disruption. The VersiCharge XL houses all electrical infrastructure in an above-ground, enclosed structure. This design saves the cost, effort, and disruption of digging up parking lots to route electrical infrastructure components.

Installation and Maintenance

With our experience and excellent reputation in electrical and environmental installation and maintenance, Denali Environmental is your installation and maintenance specialist. We operate throughout the DFW Metroplex and have the certifications to guide you through VersiCharge XL installation and maintenance.

Why Choose Denali Environmental for Your Auto Dealership Charging Solutions?

A Comprehensive Range of Services

In any EV installation project, electrical licensing and knowledge of EV charger installation are only the beginning. Each installation is unique, potentially requiring skills in multiple disciplines. We have long served our residential and business customers with HVAC, plumbing, electrical, ductwork, and environmental services, so we have the skills and experience to resolve whatever challenges emerge in the installation process.

Expertise to Save You the Installation Hassles

Denali Environmental has deep experience installing EV charging stations, and our employees have achieved certification in VersiCharge XL installation. We take the project from beginning to end seamlessly, capably, and efficiently.

Quality and Reliability

We chose the VersiCharge XL for its quality, environmental-friendliness, and the proven reliability of Siemens technology. Denali stands behind our efficient installations and the quality of this product.

Competitive Pricing and Financing Options

When you choose Denali Environmental and the VersiCharge XL, you also select competitive pricing and flexible financing options. We walk you through the options to determine a plan that minimizes EV charging station dealership costs and works for your cash flow.

Installing EV chargers is an investment in your dealership. You’ve built a profitable business; now, future-proof it by preparing for the tomorrow that is already happening.


How many EV chargers will dealerships be installing in the future?

Composite numbers are unavailable, but the number of charging points at dealerships is growing. For example, GM targets installing 40,000 new charging stations at dealerships. In another program, they target installing 5,250 fast chargers by 2025. When Ford required dealerships to add EV charging, 65% of dealerships signed on

Do customers buy EV chargers from dealerships?

Auto dealerships do not typically sell EV chargers, but a growing number offer charging services to the public. Customers looking for a home EV charger come to installers like Denali Environmental for experienced home charger installation.

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