Commercial EV
Charging Stations

Why Install Them?

Environmental consciousness in the U.S. is strong and growing, and consumers are making decisions in their daily lives based on how their actions impact the planet. This sustainability mindset is measurable. In a recent study, respondents said they take action in these areas:

  • 85% conserve energy
  • 80% conserve water
  • 76% recycle
  • 67% employ reusable shopping bags
  • 59% reduce emissions

Consumers – 66% of them – believe companies need to be ethical and provide what consumers want, and 54% are concerned about how their purchases impact the environment.

Distinguishing Your Business with EV Charging

When you think of these trends, the growth in the electric car market makes sense. In January 2023, of the 1.24 million new vehicles registered in the U.S., 87,708, or 7.1%, were all-electric, up from a 5.6% average in 2022.

The bottom line is that your customers believe in sustainability and take action to be more environmentally friendly. But what does this mean for your business?

When people arrive at your business in an electric vehicle, available EV charging stations tell them you are increasing your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) awareness. Even if they don’t need a charge that day, they feel a sense of connection and safety that they’ll have power at your location and are more likely to return.

How Do I Benefit from Electric Car Charging Stations at My Business?

If you think about where people go in an electric car: to work, purchase products, or transact business, you get the scope of locations where EV charging stations benefit not only consumers but also the establishment.

EV charging stations draw new and return customers not only because they can fuel a vehicle but also because of a sense of kinship with your business. You can offer EV charging as a profit center or free as a perk for customers at any number of establishments:

  • Government offices
  • Office buildings and strip centers
  • Multi-family residential – apartments and condos
  • Hospitals and medical office buildings
  • Hotels and motels
  • Malls and standalone retail locations
  • Large workplaces and corporate campuses
  • Stadiums and entertainment venues

Which EV Commercial Charger Installers Can You Trust?

Commercial EV charging stations require broad expertise for proper installation, and the equipment must be reliable to maintain customer trust.

Of all the commercial EV charger installers in the DFW area, Denali provides equipment and services that are next to none. We say, “We just care more,” This attitude ensures that your project receives our focused attention and the highest service levels from beginning to end.

Many EV charger installation companies are based in other parts of the country. Denali is a family-owned business in Carrollton, local to the DFW area. Our decades of experience in electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and environmental efficiency solutions enable us to solve the most complex installation challenges.

A Local EV Charger Company with World-Class Products

We are a forerunner among EV installation companies for our expertise, service levels, and equipment choices. We install quality-engineered EV charging stations from Siemens and Nexii featuring Nexii’s rugged, sustainable building material and Siemens’ expertise in commercial charging.

The charging stations’ unique above-ground design keeps environmental impacts at a minimum, reduces labor requirements, and reduces safety issues with its modularity and quick setup.

Denali Is Here for You

Many companies install EV charging stations in the DFW area, giving you choices. That’s why we at Denali focus on delivering state-of-the-art equipment with the highest service levels. We’re local, so we can quickly respond if you need service.

Contact us online today or call 214-350-9555 and talk with one of our commercial EV charging specialists. We would love to hear from you!