Electrifying Your Fleet:
EV Fleet Charging Station Installation in Dallas

The International Energy Agency says 10 million electric vehicles and one million heavy trucks, buses, and vans are operating worldwide. The agency expects 145 million electric cars to be on the road by the decade’s end.

Since internal combustion vehicles account for 16% of global emissions, this shift promises to make a substantial positive environmental impact, and Dallas fleet owners are taking notice.

One of the top reasons for not adopting electric vehicles is the perception that there are insufficient chargers, even though the number has increased sevenfold in the last five years. But there is hope.

Denali CS EV is installing Siemens/Nexii EV chargers built with Nexii’s environmentally-friendly building material, Nexiite. They install in three days, and they’re modular for future growth. This system charges multiple vehicles simultaneously, perfect for fleets.

Why Companies Need Fleet EV Charging Solutions in Dallas

How many companies in the U.S. have electric fleets, and how much they have electrified?

  • 19% – no vehicles
  • 55% – 1-5% of fleet vehicles
  • 26% – more than 5% of fleet vehicles
  • 7% – 10% of fleet vehicles
  • 2% – 20% of fleet vehicles

While we’ve progressed in replacing internal combustion vehicles with electric, the growth trajectory foreshadows a need for additional charging infrastructure, estimated at 290 million charging points by 2040. 

Limited Charging Infrastructure in Dallas

One of the greatest hindrances to electric vehicle adoption is “range anxiety.” What if the vehicle runs out of charge without a charging station nearby? It is a valid fear, with insufficient public charging infrastructure. Your fleet electrification plan should include sufficient charging stations at your location for all vehicles and work patterns that support charging needs.

Cost Savings from Reduced Fuel and Maintenance Expenses

Electric fleet vehicles might cost more upfront, but considering lower maintenance and fuel costs, electric vehicles save money over time.

Environmental Benefits

MIT created a tool that tracks vehicle costs and greenhouse emissions over time. Its data shows that internal combustion vehicles cost more and generate more greenhouse gasses than electric vehicles.

Options for Fleet EV Charging Stations

As you’re considering your electrification plan, the level of charger you choose makes a difference in the time it takes to charge your vehicles. Most fleets select Level 2 or 3 because of their charging speed.

Level 1 Charger

Level 1 chargers use 120v like you’d use for computer equipment at your office, and they take about 8-12 hours to charge an EV battery.

Level 2 Charger

Level 2 chargers use 240v like a residential clothes dryer. They are the most common charging systems, charging a vehicle in 4-8 hours. These are suitable for charging electric vehicle fleets in a parking area.

DC Fast Charger

DC Fast Chargers are the fastest chargers available. You can often charge a vehicle in 30 minutes or less. These are great with high-use fleets and commercial areas with great charging demand.

The VersiCharge XL Charging Station for EV Fleet Charging

Denali CS EV is proud to install the VersiCharge XL Charging Station for EV fleets. We have a long-standing reputation for excellence and integrity in our work, and we recognize the same quality in this Nexii/Siemens product.

VersiCharge XL
Charging Station Features

We represent VersiCharge XL Charging Stations because they have a low carbon footprint, install quickly in about three days, features the latest charging technology, are modular, and have a convenient above-ground design.

The VersiCharge XL
Charging Station’s Advantages

The VersiCharge XL Charging Station features attractive, enclosed overhead electronics that save the cost, time, construction waste, and environmental impact of extensively digging up your parking lot or garage. The low carbon footprint of Nexii’s building materials also adds to its eco-friendliness. VersiCharge XL’s modularity means that as your electric fleet grows, VersiCharge XL can grow along with you.

Nexii Building
Solutions Integration

Nexii is a green construction technology company committed to reducing greenhouse emissions. Approximately 37% of total global emissions come from construction and buildings, and 25% of construction waste is in landfills. Nexii is revolutionizing building materials, and the VersiCharge XL, built of Nexiite, represents a positive step in eco-friendly building.

Why Choose Denali CS EV for EV Fleet Charging Solutions?

When you’re ready to electrify your fleet or expand your existing electric fleet, developing your charging capability is critical. Denali CS EV is your go-to installer. We’ve been in business for decades, providing indoor environmental, electrical, plumbing, and other infrastructure services.

Our employees have excellent foundational skills and are trained and certified by Nexii to install VersiCharge XL Charging Stations. We install your stations quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.

We offer competitive pricing and financing options along with the following:

  • 1-year labor warranty
  • Custom on-site installation
  • Permits
  • Superior 24/7 customer service. 

Call Denali CS EV for Trusted EV Fleet Charging Solutions

As you build your electric fleet, partner with Denali CS EV, the EV charger installer serving Carrollton, North Dallas, and the entire DFW Metroplex with top service, expertise, and technology. Call us today at 214-350-9555 for more information and a custom quote on the best EV charging stations for your growing fleet.