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Up to 60% of an adult human body is water. It is a critical nutrient for proper cell function, body temperature regulation, nutrient absorption, waste removal, saliva formation, and joint lubrication. An adult man needs about 3.2 quarts of water a day, and an adult woman needs 2.3 quarts a day, some of which can come from food.

In short, water is essential for life. But according to the Environmental Working Group, the government hasn’t updated water standards in many years, and the water that comes into your home may contain toxic chemicals and microorganisms not addressed in the governmental standards cities must meet.

Water filtration systems can make the water in your home or business safer for drinking, showering, dishwashing, and cooking. Filtration systems come in many different types, and various styles can remove bacteria, solids, and chemicals in water that could cause illness.

Benefits of Home Water Filtration Systems

The U.S. has water available at the turn of a handle. In cities, municipal water systems treat the water with chemicals for safety before it goes into the pipes. Unfortunately, treatment doesn’t remove all undesirable elements. Chemicals used to purify the water and other hidden substances remain in the water.

When you install a whole-house water filtration system, the filter cleans the water as it enters your home. It addresses every drop of water that comes through your taps to ensure each one is clean and safe.

Improved Water Quality

Depending on your filter type, a filtration system removes chemicals, microorganisms, and solids from your water. But what are these pollutants?

First, there are the chemicals used to disinfect the water, including chlorine, chloramine, or chlorine dioxide, some of which remain in the water all the way to your home. These chemicals are considered safe in small amounts but may affect sensitive or health-conscious people. Here are a few more chemicals found in tap water and their potential health hazards:

  • Atrazine – Hormone disruption, cancer, harm to a fetus, nervous system, brain, and behavior impacts.
  • Barium – High blood pressure and kidney, heart, and blood vessel damage
  • Glyphosate – Cancer, fetal harm, and kidney damage
  • Nitrate – Cancer, fetal growth disruption, and child development impacts
  • PFAS – Cancer, hormone, and fetal growth disruption, child development harm, immune system and liver damage
  • Trihalomethanes – Bladder and skin cancer, fetal growth disruption, and developmental harm

Health Benefits

But chemicals aren’t the only things in tap water that can cause harm. While treatment at a water plant removes bacteria, water has a long way to travel to get to your home.

After treatment, the water enters a system of underground pipes and can pick up germs that cause illness on its journey to your tap. These bacteria can multiply in your pipes, especially if you haven’t turned your taps on for a long time. If the water sits, the bacteria and biofilm can grow over time, magnifying the problem. When you drink the water, the bacteria can cause waterborne diseases.

Water filtration systems for homes and businesses stop these bacteria at the door, making the water for drinking, working, cooking, and bathing safe for everyone who uses it.

Taste and Odor Improvement

Have you ever cooked a dish or made coffee and noticed a chlorine or other chemical taste in the finished product? Removing those chemicals is better for human health, but it also means your gourmet meal or coffee will have its authentic flavor unspoiled by chlorine or other unpleasant tastes.

Has your water ever come out of the tap discolored? Smelling stronger than usual of chlorine? It is a common experience. Here are a few of the reasons for color and odor changes:

  • Your water utility is using a new water source
  • Your water utility switched from chlorine to chloramine to remove new contaminants
  • A disruption in the line causes sediment settled in the pipes to rise into the water
  • Cast iron or lead pipes flake rust and other materials into the water over time
  • Air in the pipes can cause it to look milky

Benefits of Commercial Building Water Filtration Systems

What about the water at your business? The same water pollutants are in the water at your business as at your home. You also have customers, employees, and equipment to consider.

Safe and Clean Water for Customers and Employees

Water filtration throughout your business signals your customers and employees that you care about their health. In a time when competition for top employees and customers is high, every edge helps.

Our working world runs on coffee. You can feel confident offering a brew that tastes like coffee, not the water’s chemicals, and contains nothing that could cause illness.

The microorganisms that threaten your family’s health can also impact your employees’ and customers’ health. Overall, a commercial water purification system increases sanitation, removing any microorganisms municipal water adds to those already present in an environment with multiple employees and customers coming and going.

Maintenance of Equipment
and Appliances

If you use water with equipment, a large amount of minerals can cause scale to build up within the device, and you must periodically remove it to prevent malfunctions. Mineral buildup also reduces the life of the equipment, raising costs for equipment replacement. The following manufacturing industries benefit the most from using a water filtration system:

  • Paper
  • Biotech and medical
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Oil and gas
  • Food and beverage

Enhanced Product Quality and Taste in Food & Beverage Industries

When you are producing foods or beverages, taste is paramount. If municipal water quality changes for the reasons we mentioned above, it impacts the taste of your product. A commercial water purification system improves taste and enables you to turn out a consistently high-quality product.

Success in the food and beverage industry comes down to customer satisfaction. If your customers like the taste and quality of your product, they will return repeatedly. If the quality is unreliable, it can cost you customers and revenue.

Why Choose Denali Environmental for Water Filtration Systems?

After decades in the home and commercial service industry, Denali Environmental has the expertise and experience to do it right. We’ve been there and done that, and our employees have the highest levels of training and knowledge in their disciplines.

Our reputation precedes us. Check out our Google Business Profile. Our customers consistently give us five stars for our customer service, expertise, and professionalism.

High-Quality Products
and Technology

When we install water filtration systems, they are the newest and most effective on the market, containing multiple filters to remove various pollutants. Different systems address the entire house, or you may choose an under-sink water filtration system. They can contain a combination of the following:

  • Filtration, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and nanofiltration remove varying sizes of microorganisms
  • UV filters block bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants
  • Reverse osmosis removes bacteria, protozoa, viruses, metals, and chemicals

We ensure the purification system has a good flow rate, does not use electricity, requires infrequent filter changes, is reliable, and fits your application.

Customized Solutions for Individual Needs

When you come to Denali Environmental for home water filtration system installation or a commercial water filtration system, we know there isn’t one size that fits all. We listen to your challenges and tailor a solution to resolve them. We have a broad range of solutions for ultimate system design and installation flexibility.

Our employees are hired for competence in their discipline, but beyond that, because they are highly collaborative, proactive, and can recommend innovative solutions. We value our role as your trusted advisor and take that job seriously.


What is a water filtration system?

A water filtration system removes impurities from tap water. A system can be as simple as a filter for your kitchen tap to a whole home or business system that filters all water coming into the building.

What are the best water filtration systems?

The best water filtration system for you depends on what you need it to do. Denali Environmental has the knowledge to help you choose the best system to accomplish your purposes.

What types of water filters are available commercially?

There are thousands of different types of water filters on the market. The CDC offers information on different types of filtration and choosing a water treatment system. At Denali, we’ve been installing water purification systems for decades and can help you choose the right one.

What water filtration system do I need?

First, we’d like to know what problems you’re trying to solve and what benefits you’d like to achieve. We know water purification systems, so we can help you reap the maximum benefits from your investment. Contact us to find out more.

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Water is an essential of life at home and at your business. We can’t control the water quality that comes to us from the municipal lines. Still, we can stop chemicals, metals, harmful microorganisms, and more before they affect our families and businesses.

Reach out to Denali Environmental today for a consultation with our specialists and a personalized quote tailored to you. Contact us online or at 214-350-9555, and our knowledgeable customer service representatives will gladly talk with you.