Nexii Certified Dealer & Installer of the VersiCharge XL EV Charging Station

Nexii Certified Dealer & Installer of the VersiCharge XL EV Charging Station

Electric vehicle (EV) sales in the U.S. have increased an average of 40% each year since 2016. Yet EV charging stations have not kept pace. Experts estimate that we’ll need 30 million chargers by 2030. Many will be residential, but public destinations will require 1.2 million.

Based in Carrollton, Texas, Denali Environmental CS is proud to be a Nexi-certified dealer, installing VersiCharge XL EV Charging Stations from Siemens and Nexii, leading innovators in environmental building and electric charging technology. We carefully researched options and chose the Nexii/Siemens product for its quality; low environmental impact; speedy, low-impact installation; scalability; and modularity.

Green construction technology company Nexii invented Nexiite, the building material in the VersiCharge XL EV Charging Station. This proprietary building material reduces on-site construction waste and environmental impact. Nexii building solutions aim to reduce 33-50% of landfill waste from construction with its innovative building material technology.

Read on for more information about these revolutionary new charging stations.

Becoming a Certified Dealer Installer

Nexii collaborates with businesses that share their vision of a sustainable future and can provide quality installation. EV charging installation requires expertise in several disciplines. Denali Environmental CS has provided indoor air quality, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC services since 2004 in Carrollton and North Dallas and has unparalleled available talent.

Denali Environmental CS is certified as a VersiCharge XL installer, so employees participate in Nexii’s required training program, building on existing strengths and learning from the source how to effectively and efficiently install the charging stations.

The VersiCharge XL EV Charging Station

Siemens and Nexii created the VersiCharge XL EV Charging Station to charge electric fleets quickly and frequently. The VersiCharge XL looks like a futuristic fueling station, providing EV charging in parking lots and building structures for multiple vehicles simultaneously.

The weather-resistant, aesthetically-pleasing system houses all electrical infrastructure in an above-ground, enclosed structure made of Nexiite, an eco-friendly Nexii building material. System installation is fast, requiring only three days to deliver a functioning system.

The Nexii/Siemens system’s above-ground design is the first. It is also attractive and reduces environmental impact, installation costs, and construction waste.

The technology inside is equally impressive. It uses Siemens’ Sentron Busway, developed to safely and efficiently distribute power worldwide for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. Busway is perfect for the VersiCharge XL EV Charging Station, offering a compact alternative to cable and the ability to deliver power to multiple points simultaneously.

Add smart charging capabilities

The Nexii/Siemens system’s above-ground design is the first. It is also attractive and reduces environmental impact, installation costs, and construction waste.

Benefits of the VersiCharge XL for Different Stakeholders

It’s clear that the electric vehicle industry is booming and that electric vehicles will soon dominate the market. But how does adding a charging station benefit you today?

Commercial Properties

Businesses leasing property in a commercial building want impressive amenities to attract top talent. If EV charging is available for their employees, you’re one amenity ahead of your competition.

Apartment Complexes

As apartment dwellers increasingly adopt electric vehicles, EV charging stations where they can recharge overnight are a prime benefit that could cause a resident to choose your property over another, whether they currently have an electric vehicle or not.

Car Dealerships

Four out of every ten, or 39% of Americans, plan to consider electric the next time they purchase a vehicle. Those with an electric car often consult the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center before traveling to ensure they can charge.

When you have a public charging station, you’re listed, attracting drivers to your property, increasing name recognition, visibility, and the possibility that they will buy from you the next time they purchase a vehicle.

Commercial Fleets

Electrifying your fleet is good for the environment, your bottom line, and your reputation in an increasingly environmentally-conscious world. While electric vehicles can cost more upfront, their total cost of ownership is lower than internal combustion vehicles. Exact numbers vary per vehicle, but electricity costs about 60% less than gas, and EV maintenance costs about 50% less. Those numbers are even better with high utilization.

VersiCharge XL EV Charging Stations are great for fleets because multiple vehicles charge simultaneously. They’re also modular and scalable, so you can expand as your fleet grows. Installation is fast with little construction cost or digging because the electric components are fully encased in the above-ground enclosure.

Efficient Charging, Fast Installation, Sustainable Future

Visionary business minds look at indications of the future to make smart investment decisions. All the road signs indicate an increasing need for EV charging stations in residences to stay competitive in commercial environments.

As sustainability becomes even more important, EV charging stations are a critical utility instead of a “nice-to-have.” With sustainable building materials from Nexii, solid electric components from Siemens, and professional installation from Denali EV CS, you have a winning combination for your sustainable future.

Contact Denali Environmental CS today to get a quote for a VersiCharge XL system and to learn more about what it can do for your business.